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Craft your own fashion statement with, not one but two, chunky-knit necklace projects and a spool knitting loom you build yourself!  With one necklace to "dye" with watercolors and materials to knit your own (no needles!) it would be a fun grownup-and-me  "matching" craft, or great for a pair of younger and older siblings to work together!  This would  also make a fantastic "Crafternoon" for Valentine's OR Galentine's Day!  Don't worry, these are made with cozy T-shirt yarn, so they can match anything from pjs to fancy attire!


What's included:

  • Three fantastic projects with instructions to craft confidently:
    • Watercolor Chunky Knit Necklace 
    • Red  Chunky Knit Necklace


Craft Materials Included:

  • Spool knitter: Tube, popsicle sticks, glue, decorative paper to make your own spool knitter
  • Pre-knit white t-shirt yarn necklace (all ready for you to paint with watercolors)!
  • Red t-shirt yarn enough for 1 necklace
  • Wooden beads


Local Delivery (South Philly Only)

Shipping available!

  • (I will ship 2-day priority mail and will provide tracking


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